True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Expect “Complicated Three-Way, Four-Way Relationships”
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True Blood

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Expect “Complicated Three-Way, Four-Way Relationships”

Sex has been a major part of True Blood since its inception, and if executive producer Brian Buckner’s talk with TVLine about next season’s theme is any indication, we are in for intricate love triangles and surely steamy scenes in the boudoir (or outside...or in the graveyard...or in the get our drift) when the show returns next summer.

In Season 7, the show will delve into“for every human a vampire, and every vampire a human” theme.

These are complicated relationships now because they’re feeding it’s not necessarily sex, but things get confused sometimes, especially in vampires’ minds so you’re going to be looking at a number of complicated three-way, four-way relationships,” the executive producer revealed.

As he’s mentioned in several interviews, Brian wants the show to ditch the convoluted storylines and get back to its roots.

“The show started out as, ‘Let’s see if vampires and humans can get along.’ We’re returning to that original promise of the show. And because humans and vampires are being forced together, we’re going to be examining that with all of our characters,” he explains.

Brian is also calling for a Bill reset which, if you’re like us, you’re excited about. We miss our polite and tender-hearted Bill from the first season. As executive producer, he definitely agrees, saying, “We don’t want Bill to be an a—hole.” Amen! He went on to say of his character, “I think Bill doesn’t have a trick up his sleeve this time. I think he’s genuine. The real question is about forgiveness.”

With Eric out of the picture (at least for the time being) and Warlow dead as a doornail, Brian also says that it should be obvious that we’re in for a love triangle between Sookie, Alcide, and Bill.

We do love seeing men battle over Sookie’s affections!

What do you think about the theme for Season 7? Has it piqued your interest?

Source: TVLine

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