True Blood Season 7 Spoilers Roundup: What to Expect
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True Blood

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers Roundup: What to Expect

True Blood Season 7 is almost a year away, but that doesn't mean the writers haven't started brainstorming. They have some big ideas about what they want to do with the show when it returns, and we've rounded up all the juiciest spoilers and hints that they've dropped right here.

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ERIC?! The question on every fan's mind is if Eric is really dead. Well, you can rest easy: He will continue to be a series regular. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean he's alive (ghost Eric?), but, to be honest, as long as he's on our screen, we don't really care how it happens.

Back to the basics. You may have noticed the Season 6 finale left us with (almost) all the characters back in Bon Temps, connected by the same threat, and that's no mistake. Executive producer Brian Buckner purposefully wanted to reduce the number of stories and return the focus to Bon Temps and the central premise of humans and vamps trying to get along. You can get more details about how that will shake out here.

Including a return to the old Bill. Brian Buckner also singled out Bill as a character that might get a bit of reset. "We don’t want Bill to be an a—hole," he explained.

Relationships get complicated. Speaking of the setup for next season, you'd better bet the new vampire-human arrangements are going to get complicated. Brian Buckner explained, "these are complicated relationships now because they’re feeding — it’s not necessarily sex, but things get confused sometimes, especially in vampires’ minds — so you’re going to be looking at a number of complicated three-way, four-way relationships." Sounds very True Blood!

Specifically, let's talk Sookie. It sounds like we'll be seeing plenty of Sookie with Alcide, but we should expect Bill in the mix, too. You know what that means: Love triangle. As for Sam, it's unclear if we'll see any more of his romantic tension with Sookie or not.

What about Pam and Tara? Will Pam and Tara get back together. Um... Maybe? Brian Buckner urged fans of the pairing to "be patient," explaining "these [story] threads can be picked up later. I want to be able to tell more interesting, circuitous stories at times and not always deliver on the junk-food promise of the show."

There will be an Eric and Jason sex dream. It might not be right away, but it'll happen.

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