True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Will Sookie’s Relationship with Alcide Stay Strong?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Will Sookie’s Relationship with Alcide Stay Strong?

Oh, Sookie! Since Season 1 of True Blood, the plucky blonde mind-reader has been making bad relationship choices. At least at the end of the Season 6 finale, she seemed to have finally found her place in the arms of hunky lone wolf Alcide … but that doesn’t mean she’ll stay there.

Showrunner Brian Buckner talked to TV Guide about next summer’s Season 7 storylines, and teased a few details about how Sookie’s tumultuous history will affect her new romance.

We know a lot of Truebies were upset that the show skipped over the long-awaited sex scene between Sookie and Alcide with the 6-month jump, so when asked if we’d get to see some action between the sheets, Brian replied, “Whether or not there will be flashbacks, we don't know at this point … It's not like we're going to skip over all the Sookie-Alcide fun. In terms of going back and filling in those six months, that I don't think we'll be doing, but the audience will see what they want to see.”

We’re so relieved to hear that!

But what about Bill? It looked like he was back to his old moon-eyed self regarding Sookie, and that offering his protection was his way of trying to get her back. Brian teased us a little with a few details about a love triangle, saying, “One thing that I've heard a lot online, and it applies to Bill too, is this idea that characters can change … Bill has truthfully seen the error of his ways. When Lilith left him, he lost his powers and all of his feelings for Sookie came rushing back. The real question is, yes, this season is about redemption for Bill, but can he be forgiven? We're establishing a new triangle — with Eric clearly unresolved, but not part of the picture in Bon Temps in the short term — the Sookie, Alcide, Bill triangle is going to be in play.”

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Will Sookie’s Relationship with Alcide Stay Strong?
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO    

And let’s not forget Sookie’s last, desperate plea to Sam right before she made her decision about Warlow. But Brian said her conversation with the scruffy shifter was less about romance, and more about a pure connection: “Sookie was looking for a reason to stay alive, right? A lot of her usual sounding boards weren't there because they were in a vampire prison. She went to Bill, not because she loves Bill, but because she thought of all people, my first boyfriend, he's not going to say, ‘Oh cool, go ahead and become a vampire.’ But he did. It was a slap down. She went to Sam not to say, ‘Let's start this now,’ but to say, ‘Do I have a human connection? Is there anything in this town and this life left for me?’”

Way to dodge around the question of a Sookie/Sam pairing, Brian! The crafty showrunner added that though it could be a possibility, it wasn’t likely to happen next season, saying, “I think anything is worth exploring … It's not where I'm leaning. That scene was more connected to Sookie looking for a reason to be here and truthfully about us trying to earn pushing her to the place where she would really consider being made vampire. They have an incredible friendship and I think she sees more eye-to-eye with him than she does with any other man in her life, but it seems that he's in the friend-zone where Sookie is concerned and I think she was grasping at straws. The cool thing about that scene was that neither of them were wrong; she just had really bad timing. On another day, maybe Sam would've been more receptive to that.”

Hmm. Interesting! We wonder how complicated Sook’s love life will be in Season 7. And do we really have to wait a whole year to find out? No fair.

Do you want Sookie to stay with Alcide, go back to Bill, or hook-up with someone else? Sound off in the comments!

Source: TV Guide

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