True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: What’s Next For Tara, Arlene, Sam, and More!
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True Blood

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: What’s Next For Tara, Arlene, Sam, and More!

Entertainment Weekly recently got a no-holds-barred look at Season 7 of True Blood during a chat with executive producer Brian Buckner, and he shed some light on several conspiracy theories.

For starters, Tara’s mother, Lettie Mae, bared her soul to her daughter in the season finale and offered to let her feed on her to assuage her guilt for not feeding her when she was a human girl so many years ago. Apparently, many Truebies thought this was a trick, and that Lettie Mae is infected with Hep-V. Are we a jaded bunch or what? Brian said not everything is laden with other motives

As he explains, “we need to be able to allow ourselves to believe that Bill can see the error of his ways and want to change, and then the question becomes about forgiveness, and that Lettie Mae — I mean, what mother wouldn’t feel badly about that? The idea that there must be plot behind everything that we do — I don’t want to have the audience constantly demanding that everything be plot-driven. It was genuine on Lettie Mae’s part. It’s not to say that there won’t be complications that arise, but people can be telling the truth.”

Another thing we can expect from Season 7 is fairly equal screen time for all of our faves (think Lafayette!), especially due to the fact that, as Brian puts it, “for every human a vampire, for every vampire a human.” The result, he says, is that we’re going to spend more time with all of them, although even they don’t know which humans they are going to pair with which vampires at this point. In fact, for the first time in the show’s history, the writers are enjoying a hiatus due to the abbreviated season.

As for what’s next for one of our other faves, Arlene, Brian gives a pretty tongue-in-cheek reply, saying, “How does an Arlene who thinks she’s classy and well-to-do see herself? Money can’t really buy taste, can it?” Ouch!

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: What’s Next For Tara, Arlene, Sam, and More!
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO    

Newcomers Willa and James will be returning and, on top of quickly becoming fan faves, Brian says they will also help out with the math of one human per one vampire.

“On a show where everybody always says there’s really no humans left, if you do the math, there’s not that many vampires. So...we knew that we needed to bring more vampire talent into the mix,” Brian explained.

And, finally, Brian answered questions about Sam Merlotte becoming mayor, which actually deviates from Charlaine Harris’ novels. As he said, even she knows that the books and the series are two different entities at this point. They felt that making Sam the mayor of Bon Temps was a natural progression, and Brian likes the pairing of Sam with Sheriff Andy Bellefleur.

“You have the mayor and the sheriff, and they have opposing points of view about what’s going on in this town. Now we’ve created a new combination of characters to move into story together that we haven’t really had that much in the past. It’s all about shuffling the deck at this point,” he revealed.

What storyline are you most excited to explore when the show returns next season?

Source: Entertainment Weekly