True Blood Season 7: 6 Things We Want
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True Blood

True Blood Season 7: 6 Things We Want

True Blood Season 6 came to an epic end with Episode 10: "Radioactive," and, unlike in the past, this finale left us with a pretty good sense of where next season will pick up. (And yes, we have a lot of thoughts and feelings about it.) Read on for our Top 6 hopes for Season 7.

Eric lives. Yes, Eric looked like a goner up there on the mountain, but we know the writers could find a way out of that. Heck, we know Pam was off looking for him — we'd have no problems with her sweeping in at the last minute to rescue him. We don't want to imagine the show without him.

Keep the focus on Bon Temps. Showrunner Brian Buckner has said his intention is to return the show to its roots, with a focus on Bon Temps and the mix of supes and humans living there. The setup is clearly created specifically to facilitate tighter storytelling, and we hope the writers don't lose track of that vision. We're tired of feeling like we're watching three or four different shows each time we tune in to True Blood.

Less giant plot, more great character interactions. This is True Blood — we know the plots will always be over the top, full of blood, gore, and fun. That's part of the appeal. That said, in the last few seasons we've had gods, vamp extermination camps, complex politics, and more new supes than we can count. Along with the focus on Bon Temps, we'd love to see a more pared down plot that puts the focus back on the characters, not on layering twist after twist. We've seen True Blood at its most extravagant. Now, let's get back to what makes it really great: the characters and their hilarious, heartwarming, complex, painful relationships.

Please back off the Sookie love triangle. One element of the show's original vision we could do without is the hyper-focus on Sookie's tangled love life. This might be a futile wish, but we hope Season 7 avoids lingering too long on men fighting over Bon Temps’ most desirable faerie. Keep her with Alcide. Get her back together with Bill. Whatever. Let's just not waste too much time on it.

Either make the newbies more memorable, or dump them. Season 6 introduced a lot of new characters, and not all of them were necessary — and yet most of them survived. We hope the writers take a good hard look at the cast of characters and find a few to cut. Do we really need yet another vamp for Jason to (try to) bang? Is Nicole really worth keeping around? You get the idea. On top of that, the characters the writers do keep — we vote that hot vamp James stays in town — could use some fleshing out, so that they can really stand alongside the old favorites and not feel like they're wasting screen time.

You've got fan faves — now use them! On the flip side, we want to see lots of focus on fan faves like Lafayette, Jason, Pam, Jessica, Eric (if he lives), etc. This show is overflowing with some of the most memorable, hilarious, and enjoyable characters on TV, and yet it often wastes them. We hope that's not true next year.

What do you want to see in Season 7? Sound off in the comments below.

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