True Blood

True Blood Season 7: 6 Shows to Watch While You Wait

As True Blood heads into its seventh and final season, Truebies are faced with a quandary that every fan knows well: what to do with their time while the show isn't on — both during the long hiatus and then, woe of woes, forever once the show comes to an end. While some people recommend new hobbies, exercise, or even socializing outside the home, here at Wetpaint we know there's only one cure for the hiatus blues: More TV!

While nothing can quite replicate True Blood's irresistible combo of intense drama, supernatural shenanigans, sexy romances, clever snark, and a good dose of cheese, there are plenty of shows that can help fill the void, and we're here to point you in the right direction.

Click through this gallery for six TV recs that might appeal to True Blood fans!