True Blood Season 6, Episode 2: 5 Questions We Want Answered
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6, Episode 2: 5 Questions We Want Answered

When do we not have questions after watching an episode of True Blood? The Season 6 premiere sated our appetite briefly, but the show (and characters) have got a lot of ‘splainin to do in the next episode.

Here are five questions we want answers to in True Blood Season 6, Episode 2.

1. How Much of Bill Is Left in Billith?

The premiere episode ended with Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) body swallowing up three naked Liliths. We’re still trying to decide whether it was more kinky or creepy, but we do want to know what’s going on with Bill’s “humanity,” so to speak. In Season 6, Episode 2, we’ll get a better sense of what Lilith wants from Bill, and how much control he has over her mission for him.

2. Is the Stranger in the Car Really Warlow?

Jason (Ryan Kwanten) made a rookie mistake when he hitched a ride with a gray-haired stranger rolling in a beat-up station wagon. One look at the guy would tell anyone something is off, but Jason realizes this too late when the driver gets excited over the mention of Warlow. “Who the hell do you think I am, Jason?” he proclaims before disappearing into thin air and leaving Jason to eat rusted metal in a careening car. We will definitely find out who this strange driver is in Episode 2, and the answer may surprise you.

3. How Serious Have the Humans’ Anti-Vampire Sentiments Become?

Governor Creighton Burrell’s declaration of war against the vampires is one thing, but is he (and the rest of the humans) ready to put his money where his mouth is? We’ll definitely get to see how serious the humans are about fighting fangers, including what crazy weaponry they’ve developed to do serious damage to vamps.

True Blood Season 6, Episode 2: 5 Questions We Want Answered
Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson    

4. How Evil is Governor Burrell?

We don’t usually cower in fear before aging bald men with glasses, but Governor Burrell is positioned to be a much more sinister threat than we initially thought. Episode 2 will show what he’s really capable of, and reveal his true intentions for the vampire race.

5. What Will Happen to Emma Now That Luna Is Dead?

Being half werewolf and half shifter isn’t easy, and little Emma’s fate is not going to be a clear one. When news of Luna’s death travels, Emma’s kin come looking for her, and Sam (Sam Trammell) will have a nasty confrontation with Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and a couple other weres.

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