Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: “Chief” Richard Webber’s Best Moments
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: “Chief” Richard Webber’s Best Moments

Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) has worn a lot of different hats in his time on Grey’s Anatomy. Even though he’s no longer the chief of surgery, Richard is pretty much the respected authority on all things operations for everyone at Grey Sloan Memorial. (We can’t be the only ones who still call him Chief, right?) He’s the father figure in the hospital, the guy who you can depend on for advice surgical or otherwise. Richard is, in a lot of ways, the glue that holds the hospital together

Here are our favorite Richard moments in Season 9:

Richard spies on the Pegasus hospital. When Richard has the idea to road trip to a Pegasus-owned hospital with Callie, he takes on the role of Callie’s depressed husband. It was so fun to watch him in pretend patient action, and we found out he’s pretty savvy about getting information he’s not supposed to have. We love how hard Richard fought to keep Seattle Grace alive, and if he had never gone to Catherine for help, it may have totally fallen apart.

Richard plays pranks with Alex. We really don’t like intern Jo’s boyfriend, Jason (especially after last week’s episode) so we never had a problem with Alex teaming up with his patient to play jokes on him. And when Richard caught them, instead of reprimanding them, Richard joined right in and gave them tips to improve their pranks. We usually see a very serious side of Richard, so we loved to see him playing around for a change.

Richard is there for Adele. Adele’s health was so rocky these past couple of seasons, especially when you consider the toll her Alzheimer’s was taking on her (and Richard). We were super sad when she died, but when she showed up sick at the hospital, Richard stayed by her side. We’re so glad he’s so happy with Catherine, because after all these years of tough relationships, he truly deserves a break.

Richard calls Ben to help Bailey. Richard really screwed up by not standing up for Bailey during the CDC investigation — no argument there. He totally should have had her back, especially since Bailey has always had his. But we’re proud of him for doing what he could to make the situation right: he gave Bailey her space and called in Bailey’s husband, Ben, the one person he knew she really needed to see.

What were your favorite Richard Webber moments this season?

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