Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Deleted Scene: Cristina Lashes Out at Owen (VIDEO)
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Deleted Scene: Cristina Lashes Out at Owen (VIDEO)

Don't you hate it when you assume someone is about to bust your chops, so you get your dukes up only to realize that they were really about to say something nice?

Such is the plight for Cristina (Sandra Oh), who ends up feeling a little sheepish in her interaction with Owen (Kevin McKidd) in this deleted scene from Season 9 on Grey's Anatomy. The clip is included on the DVD set — which comes out tomorrow, Aug. 27 — but you can watch it now below!

The scene hails from the time when Christina was trying and trying to get Patient Paul out of his coma. As she toils away on her research, Owen bursts into the room looking harried.

Cristina tries to preemptively get herself out of trouble, outlining every last strenuous step she has taken to coax the guy back to consciousness.

As she rants, Owen gives one of his trademark "We're not on the same page" expressions. And when she finally shuts up, he reveals his actual reason for coming to talk to her — and it's surprisingly sweet.

Check out the full scene below. Do you think it speaks volumes about Owen and Cristina's relationship and that it should have been included in the final cut? Or is it too expendable/awkward/depressing to go anywhere but the cutting room floor? Give us your take on the matter below.

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