Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9, Episode 2 Recap — Awkward Dinner Party Alert!
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Real Housewives of Orange County

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9, Episode 2 Recap — Awkward Dinner Party Alert!

The ladies celebrate Halloween and endure an awkward dinner party on this week's Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9, Episode 2. It's time for our recap, so grab the Ouija board, set aside nine lemons, and be careful about whom you refer to as "Lauri."

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade Don't Touch Them

The episode picks up from last week's premiere with the three remaining cast members chatting in Hawaii. Vicki Gunvalson finally tells the ladies that she is in fact dating Brooks Ayers, now that both have gone through counseling. Tamra Barney privately tells Heather Dubrow that she doesn't feel good about this, but she tells Vicki that she's willing to support the romance.

The ladies get back to L.A., where Tamra is planning a Halloween party. Heather brings over her new pal Shannon Beador, although Vicki and Shannon appear to get along a lot better than Heather and Shannon do. Vicki informs us that her friends must possess three key characteristics although she'll let us know when she remembers what the third thing is.

After reprimanding her husband, David, for taking one of her nine decorative lemons her feng shui consultant (uh...) is not going to be pleased! Shannon informs David that she wants to throw a dinner party. Shannon wants David to make his favorite beef dish, but he's worried that this will be too heavy. Does this remind anyone else of Terry Dubrow's "onion rings" complaint from last season?

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9, Episode 2 Recap — Awkward Dinner Party Alert!
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Cutting Your Teeth

Heather and Tamra meet up with Shannon, where Shannon tells them that she gets jewels placed along her teeth, since who wouldn't want a high probability of biting down on a rock? Heather warns Shannon about not being too trusting, although Tamra doesn't appreciate Heather using the words "people like you."

Vicki's son Michael is over, and although Vicki claims to be happy to see him, he doesn't exactly seem to enjoy chatting with her. Then, Vicki visits with a family therapist, who worries that Vicki is trying too hard to control Briana and Ryan.

The Ladies Are Starting to Have Beef

It's time for Shannon's party, as the ladies are greeted by a coat check person. Shannon and David struggle in the kitchen, with Shannon resorting to microwaving the potatoes gasp! and worrying that her guests' conversation is getting boring. Meanwhile, Terry tells the group that his daughter, Collette, is a "bitch." Perhaps Terry should go back to complaining about onion rings.

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9, Episode 2 Recap — Awkward Dinner Party Alert!
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Vicki gets to know David, although she warns him not to call her "Lauri," since the name conjures up bad memories of Lauri Peterson. And then, Vicki tells us that seeing Shannon and David bicker reminds herself of the issues she would have with Donn before their divorce. Yikes.

Our Overall Thoughts

This week's episode definitely offered up a lot more tension than last week's relatively upbeat premiere episode. We still enjoyed the moments of levity this week, as Tamra did a bang-up job with that Halloween party. And it was cute to see that Vicki and Shannon are getting along, although we were wonder how long that will last.

What do we feel about Shannon? We definitely respect that she's her own person and has no problem being unique. Still, we could probably do without her bragging about how much her "teeth jewelry" costs. And we're a bit worried about her relationship with David, but we're hoping that they will seem more compatible as we get to know them better.

We're looking forward to seeing next week's drama, as Heather and Tamra appear to have some issues. If anyone needs up, we'll be counting our lemons.