Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, Episode 23 Review: What Did You Think?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, Episode 23 Review: What Did You Think?

This week Grey's Anatomy Season 9 had the first episode of its two-part finale. Was Season 9, Episode 23: "Readiness Is All" everything we've come to expect from a Grey's finale? Read on for Wetpaint Entertainment's review, and then rate it yourself.

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This episode certainly hit the ground running. A storm was coming, and the hospital had to go into overdrive to prepare. Bailey took on sorting all of the paper files in case the power went out. April grabbed the first big case of the storm, a construction worker who fell four stories and was saved by landing on a bar that got stuck in his body, a case that ended up needing many a doctor to deal with. We loved this case; it was exactly the kind of high-tension medical story we've come to love with Grey's.

April was upset when Owen kicked her out of that same case, but it turned out he had a good reason: Matthew was planning a big engagement gesture! Complete with a dance sequence. It was ridiculous, but so, so April. She said yes, of course, but we did not miss that look between her and Jackson.

Owen, on top of dealing with the hospital logistics, also struggled with his feelings towards Ethan, whose father seemed permanently brain dead. Did he want to adopt the child? It looked like the answer was yes, but it turned out to be a moot point because, Cristina, being a genius, managed to save the dad after all.

Arizona spent the episode working on the child with a brain outside of his body, along with hot doc Lauren. They got along well. Really well. So well, they kissed. And then more. O.M.G. Why Shonda?

Meanwhile, in the wake of Jo apparently being beaten by Jason, Alex ran off. The next we saw him, he was bringing a severely beaten Jason into the ER (Derek spent the episode trying to save him). Did he do it? We were supposed to think that, but it turns out he didn't: Jo did. Can Alex still love her? It certainly looks like he might, because he threatened Jason into not calling the cops and then kinda confessed his love to her. You know, if "shut up" is a confession of love.

Most frightening of all, Meredith took a bad tumble down the stairs. But it turned out she was okay! And then she went into labor! Bailey and Richard also had a nice moment, where he browbeat her into getting back in the ER.

The episode ended with the power going out. The backup generators kicked on, though who knows how long those will last.

We really loved this episode. It was dramatic, emotional, and leaves us begging for more. 4.5 stars! What did you think?

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