Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale: 5 Things We Want to See in “Perfect Storm”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale: 5 Things We Want to See in “Perfect Storm”

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 finale is one day away, and we couldn’t possibly be more excited. Last week’s episode (Episode 23: “Readiness Is All”) left off with Meredith in labor just as a major superstorm hit Seattle. Thanks to spoilers that have been released over the past few weeks, we already know a little bit about what to expect and we have a feeling things might not go quite the way we’re hoping.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Here’s our wish list for tonight’s season finale:

We hope to see Bailey back in action. We were SO excited Bailey decided to get back in the game at the end of last week’s episode, and love the fact that she’s taking Shane with her (despite the fact that he was being a bit whiny for our taste). We hope we get to see her first surgery after the investigation, and that it goes well. We hate seeing Bailey’s loss of confidence.

April needs to make a decision. Matthew or Jackson — who will it be?! As adorable as her flash mob proposal from Matthew was, we think April really belongs with Jackson — even if she doesn’t know it yet. We can’t wait to find out how Jackson reacts to April’s new relationship status, and we wonder if he’ll try to change her mind. We hope so!

A smooth arrival for Meredith’s baby. This is probably our least realistic wish, because knowing the Grey’s writers, McBaby’s entrance into the world will be anything but smooth. Which is fine, because we love drama — and nobody does dramatic, you’re-gonna-make -me-cry scenes better than Shonda Rhimes & Co. So bring it on, as long as everything works out okay in the end.

And the Arizona and Lauren situation? We admit it: like everyone else in the hospital, we were kind of in love with Lauren as soon as we met her — we kinda wish she wasn’t just a recurring guest star. If only she hadn’t helped Arizona cheat on Callie, though! It’s too late, the damage has been done... and we know Callie’s going to find out somehow. We just hope the situation is dealt with realistically, and that Callie and Arizona make it through this. We couldn’t imagine Grey’s Anatomy without their relationship.

And while we’re at it, some sort of conclusion to the Alex/Jo/Jason triangle. Preferably, one that ends with Jason leaving town, never to be seen again, and Alex and Jo living happily ever after. Too much to ask? We don’t think so.

What are you hoping will happen in the season finale? Let us know in the comments below!

Catch the finale of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, May 16, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.