Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale: Arizona and Lauren’s Post-Hookup Confrontation (VIDEO)
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale: Arizona and Lauren’s Post-Hookup Confrontation (VIDEO)

At the end of last week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, the unthinkable happened: Arizona cheated on her wife, Callie, with hot new doc Lauren when a blackout happened at Grey Sloan Memorial. Though we’re still in the dark about the details of their tryst, we have a sneak peek at the aftermath.

In the video below (from Thursday’s Season 9 finale, Episode 24: “Perfect Storm”), Arizona rushes into the NICU fixing her hair, going into crisis mode as Karev and the interns try to calm parents down. Though they’re prioritizing babies, evacuations are suspended since rigs can’t even make it out of the parking lot — the superstorm is already that intense.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry — our staff is well-trained and your babies are in very good hands,” Arizona announces as the lights flicker, but she then turns to whisper to Alex and the interns, questioning why only two nurses are in.

“The makers of tiny humans get easily spooked. It is our job tonight to keep the tiny human makers happy, or they will mutiny and we are outnumbered,” she explains. “We remain calm, we remain confident, because everything is just fine. Understood?”

Before there can be much of a response, Lauren barges in, asking if they need any help. Naturally, Arizona yells, “No!” and Karev says, “Yes!” at the same time. Yep. It’s awkward.

Arizona reasons, “I thought I told you to...” but Lauren interrupts her. “I’m not going to just sit on my hands when there’s a room full of babies who I can help,” she explains. Oh, snap.

So, does she stay or does she go? You’ll have to watch the clip below to find out!

The Season 9 finale of Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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