Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale — As Told By GIFs!
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale — As Told By GIFs!

Like all Grey’s Anatomy season finales, we reacted pretty strongly to this season’s and so did our favorite characters. And now that we’ve had time to collect our feelings, here’s the Season 9 finale, as told by GIFs!

So as the episode started, Owen is sending Ethan away, and when Cristina finds out that Owen wanted to adopt him and didn’t tell her, she is like:

 photo tumblr_mffwn8RpFK1r6kab2o8_250_zpsbe2ad0e0.gif

We don’t blame her. But she has to go, because Meredith is in labor and looks a lot like this:

 photo tumblr_mby1mgicsM1r6kab2o2_250_zps13f344df.gif

And when she finds out she has to have a C-Section — after the power goes out! — she is like:

 photo tumblr_mafvx8v9N61r6kab2o4_250_zps920f42c4.gif

But it is the only option, so it had to be done. Meanwhile, Arizona is getting dressed after her little indiscretion with Lauren, which makes us feel like:

 photo tumblr_mi666nAJtI1r6kab2o7_250_zps99dac782.gif

It’s a good thing she’s dressed, because there’s a crisis in the NICU. Because of the power outage, the babies’ ventilators are losing battery power and there are no back-up batteries. So they don’t worry the tiny human makers, Arizona instructs Alex and Jo to act like this:

 photo tumblr_ljj6dm0b191qeq3dko1_250_zpsd1eea807.gif

In the OR, Bailey still isn’t able to operate, so Richard takes over. When there’s a leak in the patient’s heart, they call in Cristina to find it in the dark. At first, she’s like:

 photo tumblr_m4689t31gw1qdda6l_zps28aefa9e.gif

But after Richard coaches her, she’s more like:

 photo tumblr_mai62wyxOE1qdda6l_zpsc085ed02.gif

Yay! Cristina finds the leak, and the patient is fine. And Meredith’s new baby has been born, and he’s a little early, but he’ll be okay. Time to celebrate, right?

 photo tumblr_inline_mggnn99NFT1qdda6l_zps293a8512.gif

Wrong. Outside the hospital, there’s a big bus crash caused by the storm, and while trying to get the passengers out, the bus explodes with Jackson in it! So April’s like:

 photo tumblr_mn1srfwOYi1r6kab2o5_250_zps820f58da.gif

And so are we. But Jackson’s okay! So we're like:

 photo tumblr_inline_mhwct1LgGX1qz4rgp_zps2d6f682a.gif

Callie checks him out, and he’s fine... until April comes in, mad that he went into the bus and almost got himself killed, and she’s like:

 photo tumblr_mn2rbwDQZX1qdm15po7_r1_250_zps44587dea.gif

Uh oh. And now, as Meredith is getting sutured after her C-Section, Shane discovers she’s bleeding internally as a result of her fall down the stairs. He’s going to have to operate on her (still in the dark, mind you) and we're like:

 photo tumblr_mg1wcpj3Tg1r6kab2o1_500_zps9d2660ff.gif

When Bailey hears Meredith is in surgery and isn’t doing well, she turns into the Hulk:

 photo tumblr_m1peboDEnO1r6kab2o4_250_zps69fbcfe9.gif

And we're so happy to see her back to her old self, we're like:

 photo tumblr_mht4gvOh8A1r6kab2o1_250_zps60c122b7.gif

Cristina and Derek wait for Meredith to get out of surgery, and we’re just as worried as they are. The baby’s fine, but is Meredith? We're like:

 photo tumblr_inline_mgw0ggvqrQ1qdda6l_zps648d3d52.gif

But then we find out she’s okay, and she names the baby Bailey:

 photo tumblr_m95xx0YyXu1r6kab2o3_250_zpseb328c47.gif

Back in the NICU, the power is back and all is well. Lauren approaches Arizona, and tells her if she ever changes her mind about Callie, she’s interested. So we're like:

 photo tumblr_md2z8nrKxB1r6kab2o1_r1_500_zps20558e21.gif

And so is Callie, when she walks up and realizes what's going on. This leads to a HUGE fight, where Callie is like:

 photo tumblr_mmy6gsULmw1rvubeno3_250_zpsc41e5fee.gif

And Arizona is like:

 photo tumblr_mmy6gsULmw1rvubeno2_250_zps13f7a1a4.gif

Things aren’t going well for Cristina and Owen’s relationship either. Cristina knows Owen wants kids, and she isn’t going to stop him, so she ends the relationship. She knows she’s doing the right thing, but Owen is more like:

 photo tumblr_m8te16cHRd1qdda6l_zps85779e8f.gif

Fortunately, good things are happening for Alex and Jo. He finally tells her how he feels, and then they’re like:

 photo tumblr_mn0fp797CZ1qlq3doo4_r1_250_zps3d44fe0e.gif

And we’re all:

 photo tumblr_mlv96ch6R61r6kab2o3_250_zps7cf11bc0.gif

And April has a confession of her own, and Jackson’s like:

 photo tumblr_mmykci2MOo1qctzxno1_r1_250_zpsea9520e2.gif

But April’s like:

 photo tumblr_mmykci2MOo1qctzxno4_r1_250_zpsabee30c1.gif

And then we see Richard, lying on the ground, electrocuted, and we're like:

 photo tumblr_megx7cTJzb1qdda6l_zpsf87ce66f.gif

And when we remember we don’t get to see another new episode of
Grey’s until fall, it gets even worse.

 photo tumblr_mm6t9iBzQd1r6kab2o1_r1_500_zps5cd9b01e.gif

What did you think of the Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale? Sound off in the comments!

05.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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