Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale Review: What Did You Think?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale Review: What Did You Think?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 came to a close this week with Episode 24: "Perfect Storm." Of course, Grey's has a history of dramatic and awesome finales. Did this one live up to expectations? Read on for Wetpaint Entertainment's review, and then rate it yourself.

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The storm, and subsequent blackout, formed the backdrop for a "perfect storm" of emotional (and some physical) drama.

Owen and Cristina had to deal with the fact that really, Owen does want kids. Alex and Jo had the aftermath of their emotional conversation last week. Arizona and Callie had Arizona's affair. April was dealing with being recently engaged. Bailey was struggling to be a surgeon again. And Meredith? Mer was having a baby in the middle of it all.

As if having a baby in the dark wasn't bad enough, Mer ended up needing a C-section. In the dark. Yeah. But that wasn't actually the problem. The baby was born fine. However, because everyone else was needed in other places, Mer was left in Shane's care, which turned into a dramatic problem when it turned out Mer was bleeding internally because of her fall last week. Mer had to talk Shane through the surgery on herself, and even then he couldn't stop the bleeding; she was left struggling for her life.

Fortunately, that was enough to inspire Bailey to break open the med cabinet she had been struggling with and then scrub in to help her friend. Which she did, saving Mer's life. It was a tense, emotional plotline with a smile-inducing happy ending. Loved it!

Cristina, meanwhile, began the episode by arguing with Owen about how he wants kids, then performed heart surgery in the dark (hard). Then she comforted Derek awesomely (Mer has to live, she's their person!). At the end of the episode, she went to Owen, and told him that she feels pure joy in the OR. She wants that for him, and he won't have that without a kid. They're over, and it's devastating.

April was happy with her engagement... until she thought Jackson was blown up. Don't worry, he was actually fine, and in fact a hero, but that was enough to totally freak April out. Sarah Drew did a great job with April's pure terror and distress over the situation. Clearly, her feelings for Jackson are strong, and she can't hide them anymore. "I want you, Jackson," she told him. "You're getting married," he protested. "Unless you give me a reason not to," she responded. Love. It. Such a classic Grey's romance moment.

In other relationship news, Alex expressed his doubt with his ability to be in a relationship, and Arizona stepped up to be a mentor to him once again, encouraging him to make a move with Jo. When he tried, Jo went on a rant about how she always messes everything up, but he told her "I love her" anyway. And then they kissed and it was super sweet. If they both mess everything up, maybe being together they can cancel out the bad mojo somehow?

Arizona, meanwhile, struggled to keep all the babies in Grey Sloan Memorial alive while battling extreme guilt over cheating. Callie realized what had happened, and the results were devastating. Both actresses knocked their final scene out of the park. Residual anger over the plane crash, Callie having Arizona's leg cut off — it all came pouring out. It ended in Callie saying to Arizona, "Apparently I lost you." Devastating, but well-done scene.

Then, at the very last second, we saw that Richard has been electrocuted. Will he live?

It was gripping, especially the last half hour, and we give it 4.5/5 stars!

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