Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale Spoilers: What’s Happening With Calzona?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale Spoilers: What’s Happening With Calzona?

On Grey’s Anatomy, we always expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to our favorite couples. Though most everyone has been through the ringer (thanks to creator Shonda Rhimes), this season, no pair has been more troubled than Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw).

The lovely lesbian couple overcame a devastating, near-fatal plane crash — in which Arizona lost her leg — PTSD issues, a prosthetic leg, and intimacy issues, and we were finally ready to breathe a sigh of relief and watch them end the season on a happy note. But naturally, that didn't happen. At the end of last week’s penultimate episode, Arizona took her flirting with new doctor Lauren (guest star Hilarie Burton) to the next level, cheating on her loving wife when the power went out at Grey Sloan Memorial. To us, it made no sense, but alas, it happened.

So, what’s next for Calzona? We’ve rounded up all of the finale spoilers about the couple to find out what’s to come.

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Arizona has a confrontation... with Lauren! We haven’t heard a peep about Arizona and Callie’s conversation about the cheating scandal, but we did get a sneak peek at her first run-in with Lauren. Based on the way Arizona is fixing her hair in this sneak peek clip, and then how flustered and uncomfortable the moment is when Lauren walks in, we have a feeling things stopped abruptly. Will they be able to work together? Looks like they’ll be forced to.

Their journey is “big.” Chances are, there will be a blow-out fight sometime during the finale, and we’re afraid to watch. Shonda said that “this journey is BIG” and Jessica recommended fans “hold hands and see what happens next.” Anyone have a hand for us to hold?

“Devastation” and a “defining moment” ahead. When that fight happens, we expect tears, screaming, and a long road ahead for Calzona. Jessica warns that “it’s devastation” in the finale and adds, “It’s so heartbreaking. This is their defining moment.”

One scene is so “breathtaking” that it stunned the cast. “There was a [Calzona] scene that was such a breathtaking moment that it stunned everyone into silence,” Shonda recently told TVLine. “It’s the culmination of a [season-long] journey for these two characters.” Do they break up? It sounds like that could be the case.

Do you think Calzona will survive the finale? Sound off below.

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Catch the Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 finale on Thursday, May 16, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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