Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Owen Hunt’s Best Moments
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Owen Hunt’s Best Moments

Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) could not catch a break in Season 9. After being blamed for the plane crash that killed two doctors and injured several others because he (accidentally) chose an airline known for crashes, it seemed like things could not get worse for this Grey’s Anatomy doc. But they did: the resulting lawsuit bankrupted the hospital, forcing him to have to go along with plans to sell the hospital that everyone in the hospital hated. Uh oh.

Luckily, after reconciling with Cristina, things in Owen’s life are starting to look up again. Here are Owen’s best moments in Season 9:

Owen brings April back. When she failed her boards, April gave up surgery and went home to work on her family’s farm so not where we could ever see her working. Owen couldn’t understand it, either, and he flew out to the farm to get convince her to come back to work as an attending, even though she wasn’t board certified yet. Even though she’s a little neurotic and sometimes annoying, the hospital needs her. We’re glad Owen brought her back.

Owen makes things right with Cristina again. Owen and Cristina’s relationship was all but destroyed, and their marriage had come to an end. But it turned out being free from the pressure of being married was all they needed to find a way back to each other, and Owen could finally be who Cristina needed. And even though Owen and Cristina signed the divorce papers this season, they’re still going strong. We love them as a couple, so we hope it sticks this time.

Owen stops Pegasus from buying the hospital. Owen was kept in the dark about a lot of things this season — namely the fact that his coworkers were planning to buy the hospital out from under Pegasus. So when Cristina went to Owen for help, he totally could have gotten mad, but instead, he decided to work with them and he was able to get the board to shut down negotiations with Pegasus just in time.

Owen hangs out with Ethan. We’ve loved seeing Owen spend time with Ethan, a young patient whose parents were both critically injured in a tanker spill. Owen took on a fatherly role to Ethan almost immediately after meeting him, and comforted him as much as he could as he watched his mother die and his father in a coma he may never wake up from. We loved seeing Owen in action with kids, and it’s clear he would make a great dad.

What were your favorite Owen moments this season?

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