Glee Season 5 Finale Sends Rachel in a “Very Exciting New Direction”
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Glee Season 5 Finale Sends Rachel in a “Very Exciting New Direction”

Glee’s Rachel Berry was right all these years: She couldn’t have been more suited for New York City living. But according to Lea Michele, Season 6 will see Rachel trying out something new — something that might take her out of New York.

“The season finale is very exciting and sends Rachel in a very exciting new direction,” Lea tells Parade. “I think everyone will really love it. Next year is going to be so fun and will surprise everyone!”

So now we’re left to wonder: What direction is Rachel heading in?

From what we know so far about the Season 5 finale (“The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”), we know we should expect the unexpected. And when it comes to Rachel, we have a feeling that she might decide to trade in Broadway for TV after she meets TV producer Mary Halloran, played by guest star Kristen Schaal. Could Season 6 see Rachel in LA, starring in her own show? Do we want it to?

It’ll be awhile before we find out, though. Yesterday, Fox’s fall lineup revealed that Glee won’t premiere until the midseason (which probably means sometime around January 2015), so get comfortable. We’ve got a long wait ahead of us!

Do you think Rachel’s going to try out TV, or do you have a different guess about what she’ll do in Season 6?

Source: Parade via South Bend Tribune