Pretty Little Liars Season Season 4, Episode 20 Review — Aria Finds Out About Ezra
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season Season 4, Episode 20 Review — Aria Finds Out About Ezra

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 20 (“Free Fall”), is the episode we've all been waiting for ever since we realized Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) might be evil. How would Aria (Lucy Hale) learn the truth, and what would she do when she did? We've been waiting months for this resolution.

Did all the buildup pay off? Read on for Wetpaint Entertainment's review of the episode, and then rate it yourself below.

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We have...mixed feelings about this episode.

We actually think most of it was well executed. The Spencer plotline was especially well handled, with Troian Bellisario once again showing off her major acting chops as Spencer spiraled out of control. We hate seeing Spencer in trouble, but it makes for riveting TV.

Aria being smart enough to realize Ezra was clearly manipulating her was also a delight. We love that she took control and broke into the cabin. The stuff with Ezra chasing her through the woods was terrifying. Lucy Hale did a good job with Aria's anger at Ezra when he finally revealed his secret.

Our major problem? The fact that Ezra's secret is, apparently, that he was working on a book about Ali. If this is supposed to be the full explanation of his behavior, we don't think we like it. Seriously, a guy writing a book was spying on the Liars like a total creep? He managed to get Mona to cooperate with him, even when she wanted to stop? Yeah, we're not convinced it all adds up. Maybe we just need some time to adjust.

Overall, we give it 3.5 stars.

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