Brandi Glanville Has a “Secret Crush” on a “Cute Man” — Who Is It?
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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Has a “Secret Crush” on a “Cute Man” — Who Is It?

We haven't heard too much about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville's love life lately. But it sounds like she just might be on the road to a new relationship!

We've seen Brandi interacting a bit with Jonathan Ruiz this season, the sexy realtor whom she has been dating on-and-off for the past couple years. She hasn't talked about him much recently, so we have a feeling that they're more or less dunzo.

Now, Brandi is teasing her Twitter followers with a new look at her dating ways.

"Also I have a secret crush on a really cute man :) shhhhhhhhhhh," she tweets on January 30.

Interesting! But why the mystery, Brandi? We all want to know who this lucky guy is! We'll even settle for his initials.

Back in November 2013, she had hinted at the fact that she had a new man in her life as she provided a dating tip for all the other men in the world. "Dear man that I am sort of dating, please no more emojis in your texts to me!" Brandi tweeted on November 21. "It's just way too girly. Thanks!"

So we're guessing that things didn't quite work out with Emoji Man. Perhaps there's a lesson in that somewhere.

Do you think Brandi and her crush will get serious?

Source: Brandi on Twitter