Secret Life Horoscopes: Week of May 2
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life Horoscopes: Week of May 2

Are you wondering what’s in store for you the rest of this week? We know you Secret Lifers lead dramalicious lives, so figure out your future with Wetpaint’s horoscopes! See which Secret Life of The American Teenager celebs have the same sign as you and get inspired!

Shailene Woodley: November 15, 1991
India Eisley: October 29, 1993
Love is in the air! Time to get your flirt on, call up that guy hoked up with at your friend’s party and message a few hotties on! Don’t be bummed if you get a few rejections — the right guy is out there and you’re going to find him any day. Scorpios sure know how to seduce a man, so work it, ladies! If you have some lingering feelings for an ex, text him. Who knows, he may be up for rekindling that spark! If you’re already in a relationship, let go of any issues you have with you man and start fresh.

You sure live a cray-cray life, Sagittarius! Try to ground yourself this week, maybe with some yoga. It’s good to have a little structure every now and then, so make a schedule for yourself. Maybe start a jogging routine or set aside a chunk of time every day to read (or watch Secret Life, duh). Also, the stars want you to buy a juicer and eat some fresh fruits and veggies. Healthy = happy!

Allen Evangelista: January 4, 1990
Time to tap into your creative side! Hopefully you’ll come up with something a little better than Ashley’s biology project.... Once you’re done with your craft-athon, it’s time to get down and dirty. By Wednesday you’ll be feeling some lusty urges, so grab your man and get frisky. If you don’t have a guy, go out on a date with your crush and pucker up!

Secret Life Horoscopes: Week of May 2
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Molly Ringwald: February 18, 1968
Camille Winbush: February 9, 1990
Your nesting instincts are set to full-throttle this week! Make sure to spend time with whoever you live with, whether it’s your mom and dad, besties or boyfriend. A weekly Secret Life viewing party is the perfect way to bond with your roomies! Pay attention to your close circle of family and friends, they’ve been feeling a bit neglected. But don’t worry, you guys will get back on track after you talk it out!

Kristopher Higgins (Peter): March 16, 1987
Have you been a bit of a loner lately? Time to make some friends! Connect with some fellow Secret Life fans on Facebook, join a Ricky Underwood appreciation club, or chat up a stranger at Starbucks! A new bestie is on your horizons and you guys will make a great team. Just make sure to keep it honest: white lies are OK, but generally people want to hear the truth — even if it’s awkward. Here’s an example: Kristopher Higgins, we love you, but we don’t love your Bieber hair cut. See how easy?

Keep your mind on yo’ money and yo’ money on yo’ mind. If you play your cards right, you’ve got some cash flow coming your way this Tuesday. Make sure to take control, because you’re up against some competition. Have you been overbooked lately? Maybe one too many pedicures planned? Time is precious, so make sure to spend it wisely! If you’re teaming up at work or school this week, partner with peeps who have different skill sets than you do.

Time to stop dwelling on all the bad shiz that’s happened to you this past year and start anew, so dig up your new year’s resolution list and get crackin’! Just don’t overwhelm yourself with all your plans. We all want to get in shape for bikini season, but going to the gym twice a day might be a little much! Ambition is a good thing, but create goals that are reasonable. Make sure to eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies this week — they’ll cleanse your body and mind!

Secret Life Horoscopes: Week of May 2
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Renee Olstead: June 18, 1989
Are you loosing sleep at night over some recent dramz in your life? Time to tackle the situation that’s bothering you! You’ve lost sight of yourself, so take charge. If you’ve noticed that your friends aren’t being nice to you, stand up for yourself! It might be time for a heart-to-heart with your bestie so you can hash out your feelings. Be Tee Dubs, you’ll have and artistic awakening this week. Yep, you could be the next Picasso.

Brando Eaton: July 17, 1986
This is a great week to hang with your friends. It’s important for you to lean on your bffs, they love you no matter how many crazy mistakes you make! Break out of your comfort zone and have some fun. Get to know a new group of friendsters, and who knows? You might even form a crush or two! Speaking of crushes, time to re-vamp your online dating profile. That’s right, you’re single and ready to mingle.

Kenny Baumann: August 8, 1989
Francia Raisa: July 26, 1988
Megan Park: July 24, 1986
Time to chillax, Secret Lifers! Are you over-worked? Take it down a notch and don’t forget to get a little “you time” every now and then. Big opportunities are ahead, so start networking. It’s time to take that brill idea you had in the shower the other day and put it into action. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with calling on some friends in high places to help you out, so don’t be shy to ask!

Secret Life Horoscopes: Week of May 2
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Daren Kagasoff: September 16, 1987
We’re totally jelly of you, Virgo. Not only do you share your sign with our homeboy Daren, but the stars are telling you to go on vay-cay! Time to take a gamble and explore a new country. If you can’t afford to hop on a plane to Brazil, there’s nothing wrong with an at-home vacation — just call in sick and get your tan on! It’s time to break old habits and try something new. Believe us, you’ll be happier for it!

Greg Finley: October 23, 1984
This week is all about your love life, Libra! You’ve been thinking about taking it to the next level with your boyfriend or crush, and it’s finally time to see where they stand. Who knows, you might end up shacking up together, just like Amy and Ricky! Finances are in your stars this week, but make sure not to quit your day job if you come into a little extra cashola.

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