Secret Life Spoiler Roundup: Brand New Scoop From the Mid-Season Finale and 2012!

Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life Spoiler Roundup: Brand New Scoop From the Mid-Season Finale and 2012!

If you can’t wait until Monday night for an all-new Secret Life of the American Teenager, check out a sneak peak at this season’s drama-rama with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup. Prepare to OMG yourself silly!

1. Drama Unfolds at the Graduation Party!
Word on the meat street is that the Secret Life teens head out to out to post-graduation party and celebrate their freedom with dinner, dancing, and a hefty amount of betrayal. So, who gets betrayed? Everyone! Expect hearts to break, weaves to be ripped out, and sausage to hit the fan, because this is gonna be a graduation to remember — and not in a good way.

2. Will Ben And Alice Hook Up?
We don’t have definite confirmation that these two hook up, but in the second half of Secret Life Season 2, neither Ben nor Alice are speaking to Henry. Hmmm, sounds intriguing — want more? Apparently Alice “insists she did nothing wrong.” Call us crazy, but we think Ben and his life-long bestie are about to take their friendship to the next level.

3. Daniel’s Ex-Girlfriend Crashes Graduation!
It looks like Daniel’s about to reject Grace for a different flavored Cookie! Grace is all geared up to have a blast at Grant High’s graduation, but she’s shocked when Daniel’s ex shows up unannounced. What does this impostor think she’s doing?

4. Will Lauren Lose Her V-Card?
In the summer finale “And Circumstance,” Jesse and his pet cockatoo are more desperate than ever to pop Lauren’s cherry, but she’s made it pretty clear she’s not ready to give up her goods. Lauren stays true to herself and refuses to hook up with Jesse at his lake house, but how will he respond? If this hunk tries to force himself on our favorite sidekick, we’ll lose it!

5. Someone Gets Caught With Pot!
The second half of Secret Life Season 4 promises to be just as dramatic as the first: A member of Grant High’s stud gang gets caught with pot, and now rumor has it that he's got a new girl on his arm! Who could this sexy singleton be?

6. Hilarious New Secret Life Episode Title Revealed!
The Secret Life writers have their shortcomings (the inexplicable disappearance of Ashley, anyone?), but when it comes to episode titles they hit a home run every time. Secret Life’s winter season premiere takes the crazy title cake with “Smokin’ Like a Virgin,” an episode that we assume is about virgins who are addicted to cigarettes.

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