See Bachelorette Contestants in Sweaty Celine Dion Dance Party! (VIDEO)
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See Bachelorette Contestants in Sweaty Celine Dion Dance Party! (VIDEO)

Nothing will make you happier today than watching the goofiness going on in Belgium as three of Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette contestants entertain themselves in between dates. Seriously, we’ve watched it a gajillion times already, and it never fails to bring a smile. Looks like Dylan “Bam Bam hair” Petitt, Chris Soules, and Marcus Grodd are getting a wee bit stir crazy. How do they entertain themselves during the lulls? With a Celine Dion dance party, of course. Duh!

In the video posted on ABC, the gents throw us their major dance skills — and their sexy faces (at least that’s what we think Chris is doing with his squinty mug and Elvis lip curl). As Chris put it on Twitter, “If@AndiDorfman would have seen those moves I think the rose ceremony would have gone a lot differently for you @DylanPetitt.” If she’d seen this video before now, we don’t see how she could resist any of them.

In the dance free-for-all, the guys bust out the conga and other oldie but goodie moves like The Sprinkler, The Night at the Roxbury Head Nod, the Running Man, and um, we really don’t know what to call Chris’s back and forth hand motions. Just watch.

Highlights of the vida loca-ness include the guys pile-driving each other, Marcus lifting Dylan above his head in a ballet-inspired move (loosely inspired, BTW), and Dylan splashing water on himself like he’s reenacting Flashdance. Oh, and Dylan’s half ponytail. And did we mention farmer Chris’s face?

We get that they’re bored, and we’re soooo glad they chose to share their cure for that boredom. What we don’t get is their music choice. Celine, guys? Really? Actually, the choice is kinda cute for three grown men.

Watch below. You won’t regret it.

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Source: ABC