See Kris Jenner Hugely Pregnant with Kendall in Throwback Thursday Video
Credit: Extra (VIDEO STILL)    

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See Kris Jenner Hugely Pregnant with Kendall in Throwback Thursday Video

We can safely say this is the earliest video footage we’ve ever seen of Kendall Jenner... because she’s not even born yet. For Throwback Thursday, Extra reflected back 18-plus years to when Kris Jenner attended the 4th Annual Jim Thorpe Awards with Bruce... and a little bun in her oven!

We can definitely see why the now 58-year-old mother of six had so many kids; pregnancy looks good on her. At the time of the red carpet interview, the couple had not yet decided on a name for the future model, even suggesting Extra viewers write in with suggestions. The couple also express their hopes that the then-unnamed baby girl turn out to be brunette like her parents. Looks like they got their wish.

Other than the sight of a pregnant Kris Jenner, we have to say it’s a trip seeing how much Bruce has changed over the years — and how much Kris hasn’t. Aside from the baby bump and slightly dated hair, Kris looks almost exactly the same. Meanwhile, Bruce is at least two plastic surgeries away from his current look.

We also can’t help but notice he opted for a high, Mandarin-style collar on his shirt for this black tie event. That choice might be the fact that they were all the rage in the mid 90s, but the fashion choice also seems to corroborate claims that Bruce has always hated the look of his trachea. The 64-year-old former Olympian recently underwent a laryngeal shave to have the appearance of his Adam’s apple reduced.

Source: Extra