Is Justin Bieber Trying to Make Selena Gomez Jealous With Yovanna Ventura? — Report
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Justin Bieber

Is Justin Bieber Trying to Make Selena Gomez Jealous With Yovanna Ventura? — Report

Uh oh, guys — looks like the Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber feud lives on! Apparently, Justin’s not ready to stop at using Kylie Jenner to make Selena jealous. Now, he’s employing the help of fitness model Yovanna Ventura to make his ex-girlfriend regret that she ever left.

According to Hollywood Life, Justin’s ego is pretty hurt after Selena walked away from their relationship (again), so he’s ready to go all out when it comes to getting revenge on her for breaking his heart. Is it just us, or does this plan have “mistake” written all over it?

“Justin is just trying to make Selena jealous by hanging out with Yovanna right now,” a source close to the singer says. “He knew it would get to her if he posted a pic with Kylie too. He’s just acting like a jerk because Selena majorly deflated his ego when they broke up. She told him she wanted nothing more to do with the song they were working on and he just flipped out and said she was overreacting.”

The song in question is apparently a collaboration that the former couple was recording for Selena to release as a single that would “be huge for her career,” but if they’re no longer together? Not so much. Besides, Selena doesn’t seem to need anyone’s help in the hit-making department, anyway.

“He said she was being paranoid about his supposed hookup with Kylie,” the insider claims. “Selena just blew him off big time and now he’s trying to play big shot!”

If anyone has a right to be paranoid in this situation, it’s definitely Selena — and our best advice to her would be to just keep walking. Will she stay away from the Biebs? We’ll see. We don’t know what it is between those two, but they’re like magnets for each other.

Maybe if Selena won’t listen to us, she’ll listen to her bestie, Taylor Swift, who she recently reunited with at the Met Ball. Taylor, talk some sense into her! We know you can do it!

Source: Hollywood Life, Instagram