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Taylor Swift Cuts Off Selena Gomez Because of Justin Bieber? — Report (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift knew Justin Bieber was trouble when he walked in. So shame on Selena Gomez now for getting back with him? Apparently that’s the way the cookie crumbles for TayTay, because Us Weekly reports that the two besties are feuding over Selena’s recent decision to get back with Biebs.

The mag asserts that Taylor is seeing “Red” because Sel and Justin are getting close again, and she’s since begun distancing herself from her “Come & Get It” bestie. Say it isn’t so!

But how did Justin win back Selena? After all, their tumultuous relationship has been one for the ages and — to be honest — we didn’t think it was possible to reconcile. Apparently Justin opted for a grand, romantic gesture to win his lady back, reportedly sending her $10k worth of flowers. A little much, right?

Just last year Taylor was calling Selena “the closest thing [she’s] ever had to a sister,” and now look at them. All because of a boy — and Justin Bieber, no less.

It’s important to note that Taylor isn’t the only party to come out against this relationship. Selena’s parents are also reported to not be fans of the two lovebirds rekindling their romance. All signs point to…

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Source: Us Weekly