Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: We Want to Have Kids — Report
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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: We Want to Have Kids — Report

This kinda gives new meaning to Justin Bieber's hit song, "Baby." Indeed, word has it that Justin and Selena Gomez who have reportedly rekindled their romance recently are already talking about starting a family. Gulp.

This week, a sonogram circulated online that was rumored to be a picture of Selena and Justin's baby, although it turned out to (thankfully) not be theirs. However, Hollywood Life reports that the couple does in fact want to procreate together.

According to a source, Justin and Selena have "definitely" talked "about [having kids] in the future." Indeed, the couple reportedly got back together earlier this month, and it sounds as though things are going great for them, even though plenty of people close to Selena aren't thrilled that they're back on.

So just how soon might a little Jelena baby arrive? Well, don't go passing out cigars just yet. "Getting pregnant now would be a complete nightmare, as it would derail their current career goals and trajectory," adds the source. Yep, that sounds like a pretty fair assessment, seeing as how Selena is 21, Justin is 20, and their relationship has not been what you would call stable over the years.

But do you think discussing a baby is a good idea for the couple? After all, Justin has been behaving like a child at times in the past year (how else would you describe someone who pees in a mop bucket?), so we're not sure he's ready to raise one. And you can bet that Taylor Swift's head would explode if she hears about this.

Are you hoping Justin and Selena have a baby someday? Or do you think this is a terrible, terrible idea?

Source: Hollywood Life