From Oslo to Madrid to Milan, Selena Gomez has been taking over the world on her European tour. No doubt her schedule has been hectic and exhausting, but the “Come and Get It” singer isn’t slowing down.

Following her appearance in Moscow, Russia, Selena headed for the United Arab Emirates in honor of Dubai Music Week. Taking the stage at a press conference on Thursday, September 26, Selena opened up about staying humble in the face of international fame.

“I genuinely appreciate the path that I’ve taken, but I understand that I’m just a little kid and I’m still trying to figure out where my place is,” she said, “It’s so awkward because I’ve travelled with my family and I’ve done what I do for a while. I don’t do anything different from what other people do. I just know that I have a platform and a voice.”

There was one topic at the panel, however, that Selena wasn’t about to discuss. Whenever a question was brought up about her ex Justin Bieber, Selena promptly refused to answer.

Back in July, Selena confirmed in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that she and Justin had ended their relationship. Recent reports suggest that the two are no longer on speaking terms, and that Selena’s moved on with Union J heartthrob George Shelley.

According to E! News, Selena is still single, yet other outlets have reported several steamy dates between the two.

Whether or not the 21-year-old is currently taken, she’s made her feelings on her former relationship very clear: “Justin who?”

Source: 7 Days in Dubai