Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Selena Gomez at the Premiere of Getaway on August 26, 2013

Look out, boys: Selena Gomez is single and ready to mingle — if you’re an older man, of course. And judging by ex Justin Bieber’s behavior lately, we totally don’t blame her for wanting to find someone more mature this time around.

So who’s she looking for?

“I’m 21, so I would like somebody that would maybe be like 25, 26,” she revealed in an interview with radio station Y100 Miami. “That would be nice.”

Selena’s also looking for someone with class who’s got a good sense of humor and manners, and most importantly, someone who will act like a gentleman around her — so kind of the opposite of Justin, huh?

“I’m a southern belle,” Selena said. “They gotta say please and thank you.”

And the next step is getting Selena’s attention, and this girl knows exactly what she’s looking for.

“Be themselves,” Selena advised any guys who might be interested. “It’s hard for me to deal with them putting on a front. I just like when people are organic and themselves.”

Source: Y100 Miami