Nipples, pay attention! You need to watch out for cameras, particularly in photos that find their way online (so all of them). First Kim Karadashian may have flashed a little areola and now Selena Gomez might have entered the ring!

In an Insta-pic posted last night from the Big Apple, Selena goes full duck face for a shot with her gal pals. Looking sexy in a black lacy top, Selena eyes the camera and um, let’s a little bit extra spill out over the table.

Credit: Selena Gomez on Instagram

The fact that this photo is still up on Selena’s Instagram leads us to believe that the notoriously anti-nudity site has yet to catch on to the fact that Selena’s little Gomez peeked out last night. Either that or they thought it was a spot on the camera lens.

For Selena’s part, the soon-to-be 22-year-old has been looking bustier than ever lately. Did she invest in a super-duper push-up bra and/or is flaunting the ladies as a little “look what you could have” at ex Justin Bieber? Because Justin, looks like you really missed out on a good party last night in NYC.

Nip slip or trick of the light? Push-up bra or boob job? These are questions that need answers! Provide yours below.

Source: Selena Gomez on Instagram

Credit: NDN Photo: Selena Gomez Is Busting Out! (VIDEO)
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