Selena Gomez has a hit song called "Slow Down," and she might want to slow down when she's behind the wheel of a vehicle, as she got into a car accident this weekend. 

TMZ reports that Selena backed into another vehicle as she was exiting a 7/11 parking lot on August 3. (Celebs need Slurpees, too, you guys.) TMZ has posted a photo of Selena's SUV following the incident, and the vehicle appears to have suffered minor damage. 

Selena reportedly exchanged insurance information with the other driver, but police have not yet been contacted. Phew.

For her part, Selena appears to be acknowledging her role in the collision. Afterward, she tweeted: "Only I'd get into an accident because of men with cameras who have great careers and offer the couple a package at Burke Williams. Oh LA."

So is she blaming the paparazzi for distracting her? It kind of sounds that way. But Selena can take solace in knowing that she is hardly the only celeb to have gotten in a car accident while trying to avoid paparazzi. Indeed, Selena's sometime-paramour Justin Bieber was in a car crash while photogs followed him in June 2014.

Do you think it's wrong for Selena to blame the "men with cameras" for the accident?

Source: TMZSelena on Twitter

Credit: NDN Photo: Selena Gomez Involved in Car Accident (VIDEO)