Breaking Bad Series Finale: Our 4 Biggest Remaining Questions
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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Series Finale: Our 4 Biggest Remaining Questions

The Breaking Bad series finale (Season 5, Episode 16: "Felina") was without question one of the best final episodes of television we've ever seen, perfectly capping off an incredibly strong season and, let's be real, a pretty mindblowingly consistent series overall. It provided heaps of resolution, and answered questions while leaving viewers the freedom to decide what they personally thought of Walter White in the end. That said, even the best finales will leave some stones unturned, and there are a few questions we still have.

We're not saying we're mad the series didn't answer all of these queries — in fact, some of them couldn't possibly be answered in the scope of the show — we're just saying, these are the things we're going to wonder about as we reflect on Breaking Bad in years to come.

1. No, seriously, what happened to Huell? As we mentioned prior to the premiere, we're still worried about Huell. Is Saul's former bodyguard still stuck in a safe house? We're going to go ahead and assume that at some point he got out, but seriously, poor Huell.

2. What about Ted? The last time we saw Ted Beneke, he was a nearly-dead mess, thanks to an intimidation routine gone wrong. He was clearly cowed by his run-in with Huell and Kuby, and promised Skyler he'd never say a word about everything that had happened. However, we find it a little hard to believe that he kept his mouth shut even after Walter's face was all over the news and Skyler was being prosecuted. Eh. We guess breaking your neck really does a number on a guy.

3. And Brock? We saw Andrea brutally slaughtered in front of Jesse, but what about her son? Are we supposed to assume he went to live with relatives? We'll cross our fingers that's the case — and we'll imagine Jesse went on to help take care of him, too.

4. How will Walter Jr. react to the 9 million dollars? Obviously there was no way the show could answer this question; it's way outside the scope of the story, which was all about Walter, and needed to end with his death. Still, we're curious how Walter Jr. responded to being handed a 9 million dollar trust fund on his eighteenth birthday. Is there any way that he buys for a second that it's really from Gretchen and Elliot? Will he be more open to his father's money in a few years? Enquiring minds will always wonder...

What questions do you still have about Breaking Bad? Sound off in the comments below!

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