Breaking Bad Series Finale Deaths: Who Will Die?
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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Series Finale Deaths: Who Will Die?

Breaking Bad's series finale is this coming Sunday, September 29. Yeah, we know — we're in shock, too. The show's penultimate episode set the stage for a final showdown to end all final showdowns, and at this point, we're starting to wonder if anyone will make it out alive.

Will Breaking Bad really end with a Hamlet-level bloodbath, or will some of the characters still be standing when the dust has settled? We're placing our bets on the major players still in action. After reading our thoughts, share yours in the comments below!

Walter White: Totally dead. Like, there's no way he lives, right? We've already been shown what it would be like if he was caught, or if he was left to die alone and sad. The only thing that's left is to go out in a blaze.

Jesse Pinkman: 50/50. Jesse has been so psychologically destroyed by this point, death seems almost superfluous. It might be more interesting to leave him struggling to pick up the pieces of his broken life after Walter is gone.

Skyler White: Probably alive. But her reputation and life destroyed because of Walter. Irony at its finest.

Walter Jr.: Probably alive. Though having him die because of Walter would certain be a devastating twist of the screw.

Marie Schrader: Alive. Right? Why would she die. Oh, wait, this is Breaking Bad... Crazier things have happened.

Saul Goodman: Saul's a cockroach. He'll be fine. In fact, we're pretty sure we saw the last of him last week; he's off living a civilian life somewhere.

Lydia: Alive. We could see this going the other way, but our money is on Lydia living to cause trouble another day.

Todd: Dead, we hope. Because jeez, something good has to happen, right?

Brock: For the love of what little good is left in the world of this show, alive. Please.

Who do you think will live. Who do you think will die? Sound off in the comments below, and catch the Breaking Bad series finale on Sunday, September 29 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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