American Idol Hits New Ratings Low — How Big’s The Dip From Last Year?!
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American Idol

American Idol Hits New Ratings Low — How Big’s The Dip From Last Year?!

What was everyone doing last night? It wasn’t watching TV! Has the human population turned to reading? Eh, while we might like to think so, we highly doubt it.

Fox’s former ratings juggernaut American Idol hit yet another all-time low for its March 20 episode. Then again, none of the networks fared well in the ratings, even with the kickoff of the NCAA March Madness basketball on CBS. In fact, according to Deadline, only ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal crossed the sweet spot of the 2.0 demographic rating threshold.

As we’ve discussed for the past two to three seasons, Idol’s ratings have been in a freefall. Last night, however, it was downright depressing. The show hit a series low, taking a 14 percent dip from last Thursday’s ratings. As Deadline noted, it was the first time the former hit show had ever dipped below 2.0 (with a 1.9 rating).

The New York Times calls that 1.9 rating a “psychological blow” to the franchise, which used to be the network’s moneymaker in the key advertising group of people between the ages of 18 and 49. In addition to the poor ratings, the show also drew its smallest audience. At 8.4 million viewers, the only show to go lower than this was a night in July during Idol’s first year. And, as The Times notes, the same night last year saw a 2.9 rating for Idol, which equates to a 34 percent drop since 2013. Ouch — that’s gonna leave a mark.

As much as we hate to say it since we’ve really enjoyed the chemistry among the American Idol judges this season, this does not bode well for the former fan favorite. It’s been said that the show will return next season in a reduced capacity but, frankly, we’re not even sure we believe that anymore.

What do you think? Will American Idol return for a 14th season? Should it return? Sound off in the comments!

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