Kim Kardashian Sets the Record Straight on Wedding Rumors (VIDEO)
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Sets the Record Straight on Wedding Rumors (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian usually ignores the rumors about her life — there are so many, how could she possibly keep up? — but the bride-to-be took to Twitter May 7 to dispel basically every rumor about her upcoming Paris wedding.

First off, contrary to many reports, Kim and Kanye did not have a civil ceremony this past weekend. Second? “We are not filming our wedding for Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” she says, as our eyes well up with tears. However, she’s not completely leaving us hanging. “You will see everything leading up 'til [and] maybe even photos.” Sigh.

“As much as we would love to share these memories, privacy is our main priority,” Kim explains. Talk about a departure from her last wedding! But perhaps the twice-married star is learning from past mistakes and seeking to not repeat them? We can get behind that.

Kimmy also shot down rumors about her much talked about guest list. “No guest list has been released. Seeing fake ones. Especially not 1600 people invited like I just read, “ she scoffed. “Its [sic] VERY small [and] intimate.”

The bride to be also swatted down reports claiming to reveal her wedding gown. “Seeing fake wedding dress pics of me,” she added. “No one has seen my dress! Those photos are old or Photoshopped.” So we guess that means she won’t be wearing any of the stunning bridal wear she modeled in Vogue.

As for any future rumors — and we’re sure there are many many more to come — Kim has a pretty simple solution for fans trying to separate truth from idle gossip. “Unless you hear it from us, please don’t believe nonsense!”

Source: Kim Kardashian on Twitter