True Blood Sex Scenes: Alcide Herveaux’s 4 Hottest Moments
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True Blood

True Blood Sex Scenes: Alcide Herveaux’s 4 Hottest Moments

Hot, hot, hot! That’s the only way to describe sexy, scruffy True Blood werewolf Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) — and lucky for us, since he’s a wolf, he’s naked a lot. As if gazing at his gorgeous bod wasn’t enough, Season 5 brought us some sex scenes from the hot-blooded pack master so volcanic you need an ice-cold shower to cool down after watching ‘em… not that we’re complaining!

Grab a bucket of ice cubes and settle down in front of a fan while you relive Alcide’s hottest moments on True Blood so far.

1. Such a tease

Even though the makeout session between Alcide and Sookie Stackhouse barely got started before she puked on his feet (oops), the built-up anticipation and chemistry between them set the scene for some intense concentration! We especially appreciated Alcide’s husky, “I’ve waited so long for this.” We have, too, Alcide. We have, too. It’s a crying shame we had to wait even longer to really see you in action — and then have things end so soon.

2. Rough foreplay

Fortunately, Alcide met his match in fellow werewolf Rikki Naylor. The two engaged in some heavy training to prep for Alcide’s pack master challenge, which evolved into playful wrestling, a battle of wills, and eventually, some pinned-down tongue-swapping. We could feel the heat between the two of them rising… until they were interrupted by Martha and had to place the getting naked fun times on hold. Seems like a trend for poor Alcide.

3. Every woman’s fantasy

We were finally satisfied by the first scorching sex scene between Alcide and Rikki, which started out with him pleasuring her “down under,” and ended with Alcide throwing Rikki across the room onto the bed, then pouncing on her while making guttural growling noises. Bonus points for the sweet talk that followed, in which Alcide teasingly proposed she become his girlfriend. Hot and romantic? Alcide, you really know how to make the ladies swoon.

4. Best girlfriend ever!

In the Season 6 premiere, Alcide gained respect and adoration as the new pack leader, which included sultry werewolf Danielle approaching him and offering up her “services.” After the pack shifted and ran off some steam, things heated up between a naked Alcide and Danielle, with Rikki finding them just as they were getting hot and heavy. But instead of freaking out, Rikki grabbed Danielle and pulled her into a super-hot threesome, telling Alcide she was his “main bitch” as she forcefully pushed Danielle’s head below his ripped abs. Whoa! We’re still recovering from that one.

Now that it’s clear Rikki’s OK with some experimentation, who will Alcide hook up with next? Keep reading about True Blood Season 6 right here on Wetpaint to find out!