True Blood Sex Scenes: Eric Northman’s Craziest Moments!
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True Blood Sex Scenes: Eric Northman’s Craziest Moments!

We all love a good True Blood sex scene, and we especially love it when they star one Mister Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). Eric has had many a super-hot sexy dalliance, but some of them have been pretty cray-cray. Here’s a list of the top five craziest sex scenes in the history of the Nordic vamp’s time on True Blood.

1. Five or Six Hours!

In Season 3, Sookie arrives at Fangtasia to question the sexy co-owner about Bill Compton’s disappearance, and finds Eric in the basement buck-naked, having sex with gorgeous stripper Yvetta at super-vamp speed. When questioned where he was during Bill’s disappearance, Eric claimed he’d been down there the whole night. And when Sookie fires back “for five or six hours?” he raises his eyebrow and questions Bill’s stamina. Be still, my heart!

2. Stake-us Interruptus

Of all the teasing, not-quite-consummated sex scenes, Eric romancing Russell Edgington’s paramour Talbot (also in Season 3) was one of the craziest! After the tall, blonde Viking seduced Talbot by slowly unbuttoning his shirt, leading him to the bedroom and then commanded him to “turn over” in a husky voice, he staked the poor dupe and killed him just before the first thrust. Poor, poor Talbot. But we can’t really blame him for falling for Eric’s sultry moves, can we?

3. Blood-Swapping Hallucinations

There’s plenty of scorching hot couplings between Sookie and Eric to choose from in Season 4, but when these two new lovers drank each other’s blood, things really took an insane turn. The two entered the shower together in order to engage in some more foreplay, and somehow wandered into a joint hallucination where they romped into ecstasy on a bed in the middle of the forest … during a magical snow storm.

4. Dude, That’s Your Sister?!

Season 5 saw Eric catching up with his vampire sister Nora (Lucy Griffiths), and apparently vamps don’t follow pesky human moral codes like “incest.” The progenies of Godric got down and dirty almost immediately upon being reunited, satiating their lust violently up against the wall of a shipping container while poor Bill waited outside. Look, it’s okay to love your sister, just don’t LOVE your sister. Right?

We can’t wait to see who Eric is going to hook up with in True Blood Season 6. We’re willing to bet there’ll be at least one or two sexy moments that’ll take the craziness to another level.

What’s your favorite scene on this list? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments!

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