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They Have a Sex Tape?! The Top 5 Celebrities Who Pressed Record (VIDEO)

Sex tapes may seem like a common occurrence these days, but there was a time when filming yourself doing the nasty was, well, nasty. So who are the celebrity couples we have to thank for leading the charge? Watch the video above to find out. And, don’t worry, it’s totally safe for work.

First up we, of course, have to mention that one night in Paris. The hotel heiress rocketed to fame after her sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon leaked. Funny enough, Rick went on to have two (yes, two) marriages to another blond bombshell all too familiar with turning down the lights and pressing record: Pamela Anderson. Any intimate footage of Pamela and her soon-to-be ex-hubby has yet to make it online but you just never know, folks!

Beside Paris and Pamela, Kim Kardashian gets a nod. She and Ray J have made millions upon millions of dollars on their night together. In fact, rumor has it Ray J actually gave Kim and her new man Kanye West some of the film’s proceeds as a wedding gift! However they felt about the questionable present, there’s no arguing the tape helped make Kim famous. Who knows? Maybe she learned more than how to organize closets during her time as Paris’ right-hand woman.

To see who else made the cut, watch the video above. You can probably already guess one of the celebs (she’s a teen mom with not one but two sexy tapes to her name) but the other may literally shock you.

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