Sexualized Breastfeeding Billboard Grosses Everyone Out
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Sexualized Breastfeeding Billboard Grosses Everyone Out

In today’s ‘things that make you say “ew”’ news, a cougar dating site is trying to lure new members by making breastfeeding seem sexy.

If you are wondering what a woman feeding her baby has to do with older women on the prowl for younger men, well, we have no idea. But CougarLife seems to think that men will be drawn to a women shown breastfeeding — albeit with her boob artistically airbrushed out of the photo, because they wouldn’t want to appear crass or anything — next to the thought bubble/headline, “Jealous?”

CougarLife is a dating site that matches older women (commonly known as "cougars") with young, uh, cubs. They’re running their super classy billboard in (where else?) Los Angeles.

Our question: Why stir up this particular pot? People are already up in arms about public breastfeeding. Last month, a mother in South Bend, Indiana was asked to leave a restaurant while she was breastfeeding her son, and this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. One celeb even went on record stating that they think breastfeeding is “incestuous” (thanks, Shanna Moakler).

But CougarLife isn’t apologizing for the ad, despite drawing heavy criticism on their Twitter feed, with comments such as, "Nursing mothers? (It’s) Offensive to any mothers. Or women. Or anyone who was ever a baby." Agreed!

In fact, CougarLife seems downright proud of themselves, posting this message to Twitter yesterday, ”Think this billboard is offensive? I think it's not, like it's not offensive to date younger men, or to be a cougar!”

But it looks like these great marketing minds will need to go back to the drawing board and find a new way to drum up business, because according to the Huffington Post, the ad is slated to be taken down soon.

What do you think, moms: Worst billboard ever?

Source:, RTV 6 Indiana, Huffington Post

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05.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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