Selena Gomez in Bed With 28-Year-Old Man — But It’s For a Magazine (VIDEO)
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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez in Bed With 28-Year-Old Man — But It’s For a Magazine (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber isn’t the only celeb being filmed in hotel rooms! Ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez may not be quite over her former flame (reportedly) but that doesn’t mean she’s opposed to looking sexy in the company of a handsome fella.

The 21-year-old pop star recently filmed a short video at the Rosslyn Hotel in downtown Los Angeles during her Flaunt magazine photoshoot. In the three-minute clip, she has naught but lacy lingerie on while starring alongside Hollywood hottie, Shiloh Fernandez.

The video, titled Searching, shows Selena doing a lot of looking out windows, playing with curtains, and lounging around with 28-year-old Shiloh. He strums a guitar at one point but there’s no music or dialogue beyond the eery piano track playing over the black and white video footage. At one point, a cloaked, masked figure makes an appearance in all black because you know, art.

There’s some hanging out on a roof (kinda dangerous) and quite a few closeups of eyes (kinda gross). Cars drive backwards and Selena stares blankly at the ceiling while holding a photo of herself. Throughout it all, she looks lovely, if somewhat bored, in a roughly bobbed wig.

So what’s Selena searching for? Maybe Shiloh knows. We’d ask Justin but he’s seemed kinda, um, preoccupied lately...

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Source: Flaunt

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