Sexy or Not? Drive, I Don’t Know How She Does It, Straw Dogs: Wetpaint Entertainment’s Weekend Movie Guide, 9/16
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Sexy or Not? Drive, I Don’t Know How She Does It, Straw Dogs: Wetpaint Entertainment’s Weekend Movie Guide, 9/16

Thinking about hitting a movie this weekend? You totally deserve it, extra buttery popcorn and all. Here's the scoop on the hottest films opening this Friday, September 16th.

First up, gear up for the high-adrenaline thriller, Drive, centered around a stunt driver by day-slash-getaway car pro by night. Starring indie darling Ryan Gosling (swoon!) and Carey Mulligan, this modern noir film has all the critics raving. Think The Fast and the Furious... except good. Sexy? Fast cars and gripping suspense. Not-so-sexy? The commercials may draw the wrong crowd to theaters (see The Fast and the Furious comment). Verdict: According to reviews, this arthouse work is a must-see, so, ladies, grab your guy for this action-filled romance-in-disguise.

Next, here's one you might want to save for a girls' night. (Seriously, if you care about your relationship, don't drag your guy to this chick flick... not even on your birthday.) I Don't Know How She Does It stars Sarah Jessica Parker as a Boston-based mother trying to balance her family life and career. Um, what is this, 1992? Here's what's sexy: sizzlin' fun chemistry between SJP and Greg Kinnear. Not sexy? Parker is totally in Carrie Bradshaw mode, but Mr. Big is nowhere to be seen. Verdict? Meh, you might want to skip this one and maybe catch it on cable sometime next year, like when Grey's Anatomy is showing a repeat or something. In fact, we’d recommend you read Allison Pearson's refreshing novel, which inspired the film, instead.

Last but not least, Straw Dogs creeps its way into theaters this Friday — a remake of a 1971 thriller about a couple returning to the wife's hometown, only to be tormented by a group of locals led by her psycho ex-boyfriend. Sexy? Two words: Alexander Skarsgard. Not sexy? Viking Eric plays the aforementioned psycho ex, which might be a bit of a turn-off. Yeah, right, who are we kidding! Verdict: Despite the experts' claim that this 2.0 version doesn't hold a candle to the original, you know we're gonna be there opening night with all our Trubies in tow to shamelessly drool over Alex.

09.16.2011 / 09:21 PM EDT by Maria Valiente
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