Catherine Giudici’s Super Sexy Wedding Gift to Sean Lowe!
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Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici’s Super Sexy Wedding Gift to Sean Lowe!

You’d think that her special lady rose would be enough of a wedding present for Catherine Giudici to give to Sean Lowe. But homegirl took it to the next level by giving Sean a gift he won’t soon forget: a boudoir photo shoot in sexy lingerie.

As we saw earlier this week, Sean had quite a great time shopping for La Perla lingerie for Catherine, buying teddies, panties, and what the heck is a body cage. So, in return, Catherine documented it for her new hubby.

During their live wedding special, a pre-taped segment showed Catherine getting together with one of her girlfriends to get advice on how to pose for the pics. Her valuable words of wisdom? “If you put your butt up like this, it elongates your legs.” Good talk.

As for her reasoning for this permanent grown sexy moment, Catherine explained, “I want him to see me as a woman after the wedding. Which, of course, he will naturally after the wedding.” We get it, guys, you’re going to have sex for the first time… after the wedding.

Explaining it even more graphically, Catherine says, “I feel like I’m a butterfly and I’m going to be exposed to him after the wedding.” Sex, guys — it’s what’s for dinner.

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