NeNe Gives a Lesson on How to Throw Shade, Talks Near-Death Experience (VIDEO)
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NeNe Leakes

NeNe Gives a Lesson on How to Throw Shade, Talks Near-Death Experience (VIDEO)

The stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta love to throw shade, and perhaps no one is better at the shade game than the wonderful NeNe Leakes. The reality star is always quick to speak her mind, and she’s not afraid to tell you if you’re acting crazy.

NeNe stopped by The Doctors today, February 4, and even though (as the name suggests) the program focuses on medical issues, NeNe couldn't help but teach the group of co-hosts how to throw some serious shade. But first, NeNe had to explain exactly what “shade” is. “Shade is more like a nice nasty,” she began. “Instead of me being just totally nasty to you, I’ll just throw you a little shade. You could be talking about something I don’t really agree with or even like and I can just look at you and be like, ‘Mmhmm.’”

NeNe then gave an expert example of how one throws shade and then taught all of the co-hosts a lesson in the valuable skill.

We gotta say, this clip pretty much proves that NeNe Leakes is the ultimate shade thrower, and trust us when we’d say we’d never want to get on her bad side.

Later, NeNe did switch to a more health-related topic talking about the nearly fatal blood clots discovered in her lungs last November. “My right lung collapsed,” NeNe revealed, before one of the docs jumped in and said 25 percent of people with blood clots die from them without ever knowing they have them.

NeNe also opened up about the shock she experienced when ER doctors discovered what was wrong with her. “Just to hear that though, I was so freaked out. I had never been in the hospital before other than to just have my children.”

Watch a clip of NeNe on The Doctors below!

02.4.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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