Credit: Twitter

Shahs of Sunset star Asa Rahmati’s new  company is getting the reality star in some very hot water.

Jewel-lover Asa, who showed the process that went into launching her line of bottled water, Diamond Water, on the Bravo reality hit, is now the subject of a lawsuit from a company that claims her distinctively-named drink is infringing on their copyright. reports that company Gastroceuticals is behind the lawsuit against Asa. In their filing, they claim that Asa’s product name and packaging are too similar to their own trademarked water line, Dymund, and will confuse customers.

Luckily, 37-year-old Asa is savvy enough to have trademarked her company name, something she hopes will protect her when the lawsuit makes its way to court and keep her from having to shell out big bucks for the legal fees and damages Gastroceuticals is requesting.

Firing back at Gastroceuticals’ claims, Asa’s lawyer reponded, “Diamond Water generally denies any and all allegations, speculation, factual assertions, and claims for relief made by Plaintiff in its complaint except those expressly admitted below” — fancy language for “I didn’t do it and I’m not going to pay.”

Asa is asking for the lawsuit to be thrown out and for Gastroceuticals to foot the bill for her legal fees.

Do you think Gastroceuticals has a case against Asa?