Shahs of Sunset’ Reza Farahan Slams Kenya Moore’s African Prince: “Something Doesn’t Smell Right” (VIDEO)
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Shahs of Sunset’ Reza Farahan Slams Kenya Moore’s African Prince: “Something Doesn’t Smell Right” (VIDEO)

It looks like NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams are the only ones doubting the existence of Kenya Moore’s billionaire boyfriend, whom she calls her “African prince.” Wendy first talked about her suspicions about Kenya’s man, noting that no one has spotted the pair together. NeNe followed suit during an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, wondering how the 43-year-old really got that Bentley, and now Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan is putting his two cents in as well.

In a new video for OK! Magazine, he states, “I don’t know what her status is at the bank, but I can tell you that she looks a little ghetto.”

Reza goes on to discuss Kenya’s ride and the fact that she’s currently renting her home before continuing to question her real financial status. “I don’t know what kind of do, re, mi she’s got, but if you ask me, from the dinner parties she’s throwing with the paper towel as the napkins and the really cheap contact lenses that are grey...and this ‘African prince’?” he wonders.

“I don’t know if Shaka Zulu and you are dating, but something doesn’t smell right.”

We agree with Reza that something seems a bit off here, but we don’t think Kenya would go so far as to invent a billionaire. At least we hope she hasn’t done that.

But enough with Kenya, because Reza has other H’wives to discuss, like Porsha Stewart! “Porsha, honey, I love you. Thank god you’re pretty, because you are not smart,” he said, before discussing her Underground Railroad fiasco. Calling the incident “shocking and alarming” for someone with Porsha’s civil rights background, he implores her to “get a thesaurus” or something else she can use to brush up on her facts.

Do you think Reza was too harsh on Kenya and Porsha? Watch the clip and tell us your thoughts below!

Source: OK! Magazine