Shailene Woodley Bashes Twilight: “That is Not Going to Help This World Evolve” (VIDEO)
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Shailene Woodley Bashes Twilight: “That is Not Going to Help This World Evolve” (VIDEO)

Shailene Woodley may know a thing or two about movie sagas now that she’s taken on Divergent, but there’s one she doesn’t entirely approve of: Twilight.

In Shailene’s latest interview with Teen Vogue, she admitted that she isn’t crazy about the vampire romance, if for no other reason than the fact that it sends the wrong message to girls about relationships — and how to behave if one doesn’t work out. Many teens viewed Kristin Stewart’s Bella and Robert Pattinson’s Edward as having the ideal romance, but Shailene says that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Twilight, I’m sorry, is about a very unhealthy, toxic relationship,” Shailene proclaimed. “She falls in love with this guy, and the second he leaves her, her life is over and she’s going to kill herself! What message are we sending to young people? That is not going to help this world evolve.”

Shailene’s got a point — although Twilight definitely falls under the “fantasy” category, a lot of fans take it very seriously. We’ve all seen photos of Twilight-themed weddings, right? Besides, when the films were at their peak, it was easy to get swept up into vampire fever.

Not that the 22-year-old actress is much for jumping on any bandwagons. She’s recently admitted that she doesn’t even own a cell phone, and that her extracurricular activities include honing her survival skills. So, yeah, we’re not surprised she’s not so much for Twilight.

You’ve made the call, Shailene: Now it’s your turn to show us what real, healthy relationships should look like on screen. Is it time for The Fault in Our Stars to hit theaters yet?

Source: Teen Vogue

03.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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