Shailene Woodley Looks Unrecognizable, All Grown Up in Interview Magazine (PHOTOS)

Like many of Interview's photoshoots with French fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier, Shailene Woodley's spread shows a whole different side of the actress. She graces the pages of August's issue, interviewed by none other than Emma Stone!

Shailene was an actual teen when she began her career-making role on Secret Life of the American Teenager. Now 21, she ends the series with a bright future ahead of her. She'll play Hazel Grace Lancaster in the movie adaptation of John Green's feelings-punching young adult novel, The Fault In Our Stars ;(hug Augustus for us!), and will star opposite Kate Winslet in Divergent, another hard-hitting novel adaptation.

Sporting slick hair, stark makeup, and a whole runway of black outfits, Shailene is a far cry from her usual rosy-cheeked image. Click through the gallery to see more photos!