17 Shailene Woodley Quotes That Prove This Birthday Girl’s the Ultimate Hippie
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Shailene Woodley

17 Shailene Woodley Quotes That Prove This Birthday Girl’s the Ultimate Hippie


Shailene Woodley — who turns 25 today, having been born on November 15, 1991 — is a Hollywood anomaly, by no means Allegiant to typical rules of being a celebrity.

In fact, she’s a bit of a 2010s anomaly, too, her self-described “hippie” tendencies reminiscent of the 1960s counterculture.

The actress, who played YA heroine Tris in the big-screen Divergent franchise, recently told Jimmy Fallon she has abandoned her practice of hugging journalists — for heart-to-heart connections — because of immunology and aroma concerns.

But before you go thinking she’s lost her quirks, we have 17 more of them. Keep reading...

“I’ve actually found some herbs that will induce lucid dreaming or will help with other types of dreaming.” — to Interview

“I think everything about my lifestyle is fairly alternative. I gather my own spring water from mountains every month. I go to a farm to get my food. I make everything from my own toothpaste to my own body lotions and face oils.” — to Flaunt

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“I try to do like 35% of my diet wild foods … I live in Los Angeles and I’ll go an hour away into the mountains, and I’ll find stinging nettle and mugwort and a bunch of other herbs that you can use medicinally. Stinging nettle is so tasty. It’s like spinach, It’s so good for you, too! It’s very nutritional.” — to Rachael Ray

“I kind of base my diet off of indigenous cultures and what they eat. And it’s very fascinating that an 80-year-old indigenous man can run for miles and miles and miles with no joint pains and no problems versus us Americans who at 35 can’t do that.” — to Rachael Ray

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“I make my own medicines; I don’t get those from doctors. I make my own cheese and forage wild foods and identify wild plants. It’s an entire lifestyle. It’s appealing to my soul.” — to Flaunt

“If I didn’t have acting, I would be just as happy. I would probably be an herbalist, or maybe I would open a fruit stand on a Hawaiian island.” — to Marie Claire

“The second I wake up, I scream very loudly [sings to the tune of “Good Morning” from Singin' in the Rain], ‘Good morning! Good morning!’ And then I scream out, ‘Exciting day! Exciting day!’ I feel like it completely sets the mood for the whole day.” — to Interview

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“I have to find a way to integrate my cramp bark and washable Moontime pads into the mainstream world.” — to Bust magazine (via Autostraddle)

“I exclusively buy used clothes. I’m going to be a citizen of this planet, and I’m going to do my responsibility and live in stride with nature instead of constantly fighting against her.” — to The Hollywood Reporter

“If I was to show up wearing my five-toe shoes, my Melodia organic leggings, and some hippie top, no one is going to take me seriously.” — to The Hollywood Reporter

“Another thing I like to do is give my vagina a little vitamin D. [Laughs] I was reading an article written by an herbalist I studied about yeast infections and other genital issues. She said there’s nothing better than vitamin D. If you’re feeling depleted, go in the sun for an hour and see how much energy you get. Or, if you live in a place that has heavy winters, when the sun finally comes out, spread your legs and get some sunshine.” — to Into the Gloss

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“If it’s yellow, let it mellow. I think that’s the best advice you could give. Every toilet, every time you flush it, you waste up to, like, four gallons of water depending on your toilet.” — to E! Online

“I just haven’t met anyone where I was like, ‘Wow, I could definitely see myself spending a season of my life with you.’ I don’t even know if humans are genetically made to be with one person forever.” — to Marie Claire

“I prefer to call them ‘New Year’s evolutions.’”— to Marie Claire

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“Clay is one of the best things you can put in your body. One of my friends was making a clay toothpaste that you swallow instead of spit out. But I first heard about the benefits of eating clay from a taxi driver. He was African and was saying that, where he’s from, the women eat clay when they’re pregnant. Seriously — ask your taxi drivers where they are from and about their customs. You will learn a lot.” — to Into the Gloss

“Lately, I’ve been getting [so] much attention … that I try to find rejection in my day. I’ll seek out someone on the street or at the farmers’ market and ask for something where I know they’ll say no. No one likes rejection, but it’s real. And I don’t want to lose that feeling.” — to Vulture

“My religion is the Earth, man. I believe in trees.” — to The Hollywood Reporter