Shailene Woodley’s Break After Filming Divergent: “I Got Rid of Everything I Owned”
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Shailene Woodley’s Break After Filming Divergent: “I Got Rid of Everything I Owned”

We can’t help it: We’re totally fascinated by Shailene Woodley. As it turns out, the Divergent actress is a total risk taker. And no, we’re not talking about the fact that she doesn’t have a cell phone — although, seriously, how does she handle awkward social situations without pretending to text?

No, Shailene loves living on the edge so much that after she was finished filming Divergent, she relaxed by not living anywhere at all. Um, technically being homeless? Not our idea of taking a relaxing break from work. But for Shailene, it was exactly what she needed.

“I cruised and I hung out with my friends and family. I got rid of everything I owned. I got rid of my cell phone, and I fit my life into a carry-on suitcase,” Shailene shared when she stopped by Late Night With Seth Myers. “I just couch surfed for two months and it was awesome.”

“I explored so many couches that I didn’t know existed in my friends’ homes,” Shailene added. “You know what’s fun about that, though? Living in LA, obviously, it’s so spread out. I got to learn different areas that I didn’t know about before.”

Shailene also shared another one of her famous natural beauty secrets: Clay toothpaste, which she makes herself.

“You put some coconut oil in there, a few essential oils if you feel like it, maybe some herbs,” the 22-year-old actress said. “Here’s the kicker, though: You don’t spit out, you swallow it. So you’re getting your daily dose of medicine while you brush your teeth.”

Okay, we would pretty much never take any of her beauty advice, but we just can’t get over how kooky and adorable Shailene is, even if she only shampoos her hair about once a month. Tell us more about your homemade toiletries!

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03.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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