Shakira and Gerard Pique Beat Posh and Becks on Forbes’ Power Pairings List!
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Shakira and Gerard Pique Beat Posh and Becks on Forbes’ Power Pairings List!

Move over, Posh and Becks! You are so “2000 and late,” as Fergie would say — at least according to their omission from Forbes’ recently released list of the world’s most powerful pairings from 2013. On the other hand, The Voice coach and Latin phenom Shakira and her husband, Gerard Pique — a pro athlete who plays defense for FC Barcelona — made the list.

Despite landing on the prestigious list, the power couple maintains that they are just ordinary parents to their one-year-old son, Milan. Well, we guess if ordinary parents had 70 million albums sold and a World Cup title under their belts then, yes, they are “ordinary.” It’s the big little things.

In an interview with CNN for their Human to Hero series, Gerard discussed their eventual acceptance of all the media scrutiny.

"Maybe it seems like it's really difficult to manage everything but we are trying to do it as naturally as we can," Pique said. "It's true that maybe sometimes we have to deal with some paparazzi but then I think we are now four years together — you have to accept it and deal with it and it's no problem,” he went on to note.

The couple met while Shakira was shooting the video for “Waka Waka,” a song for the 2010 World Cup. It was such a huge hit that it has garnered 595 million views on YouTube thus far.

As for how they stay grounded, Pique says their life revolves nearly completely around their beautiful son. "We are like a normal family and we try to spend a lot of time with our son and before that, just to be a good couple — going to the cinema, going to have dinner,” he explained.

Milan gives them a lot in return, teaching Pique not to get too caught up in whether his team wins or loses. "We lost 3-0 against Bayern Munich in the semifinals of the Champions League last season and I was really worried and really sad because it was a bad game and then I arrived home, saw Milan and everything changed,” the handsome dad gushed.

As with most parents, Gerard enjoys seeing that the negativity of the outside world has yet to affect his son. "You can see that he is new in this world and he doesn't have negative connections — he's all about laughing, smiling, being happy. It's so funny; I enjoy a lot playing with him,” Pique said.

Okay, we’re one big puddle of emotional goo. How about you? What do you think of this power couple? Let us know!

Source: CNN